MARTA 2040 Project Overview

On-going projects  are one of the ways we help create a better, more connected Atlanta. Whether it’s an improvement to MARTA’s service capacity or an expansion of a mixed-use development, these initiatives aim to connect communities all across Atlanta.

The following are a few of the departments and initiatives behind these projects, as well as their recent endeavors to make Atlanta a more interconnected city:

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Projects

With the support of our community and the city of Atlanta, we've made transit oriented development, or TOD, a staple of MARTA's efforts throughout the metro area. These developments help promote economic growth and public transit ridership while boosting quality of life for people all across Atlanta.  Learn more on our TOD web page.

Capital Projects

In addition to large-scale development projects and those aimed at improving MARTA’s core services, we also regularly address the needs of the entire MARTA system. This includes projects aimed at enhancing and replacing current amenities, expanding our services and rehabilitating underused or outdated features.

The following are projects currently underway:

Regional Planning and Expansion Projects

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