Ride with Respect

We want everyone to enjoy riding MARTA. That's why we're cracking down on behavior that gets in the way of riders' commutes. It all starts with Ride With Respect, our new customer code of conduct that calls on riders to treat everyone the way they'd want to be treated.

Our Code of Conduct

Ride With Respect is about just that: riding with respect. To make MARTA a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone on board, we ask that our riders stick to a few simple guidelines.

  • Basic civility to one another is expected. Spitting, littering, roller-blading, roller-skating, indecent exposure, stealing/damaging MARTA property and disorderly conduct are not allowed.
  • Bringing animals (any pets besides a guide dogs or service dog) on board is against the code of conduct. However, small pets in pet carriers are permitted. Learn more
  • Smoking tobacco — even electronic cigarettes — is prohibited.
  • Selling goods or services isn't allowed on MARTA. This includes giving out commercial handbills and flyers to passengers on buses or transit rails.
  • It's illegal to avoid paying MARTA fare, whether by skipping payment terminals or using counterfeit fare.
  • It's also illegal to bring explosives, point or aim a gun at another person or use, utilize or discharge a gun on MARTA property without legal justification. Further, if the weapon is prohibited by federal law, it is not allowed on MARTA property, even with a license.
  • Playing music is permitted only if you have earbuds or headphones that prevent your music from bothering others on MARTA.
  • You can only bring food and drinks if they're stored in resealable plastic containers.
  • You must exit buses or trains once they have completed their routes.

At our discretion, MARTA has the authority to remove riders from MARTA and even suspend them for up to a year — in addition to fining riders based on the severity of their conduct. Being respectful of the people around you and being considerate to MARTA employees doesn't take more than common courtesy. And common courtesy is all we ask from our riders.

View the full code of conduct

Ride With Respect TV Commercials

This isn't just our initiative. Some of Atlanta's local celebrities donated their time and support to encourage riders to ride with respect. The result: a series of TV commercials aimed at making MARTA something we can all enjoy. Here are just a few of them.


TV Spot featuring former Mayor Kasim Reed


TV Spot featuring former NBA player Kevin Willis


TV Spot featuring Comedian Jeff Foxworthy and Telemundo Anchor Judith Martinez


TV Spot featuring Music Artist Ludacris


TV Spot featuring the Atlanta Dream and True Colors Theater Artistic Director Kenny Leon
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