Our Vision

The MARTA Police Department will provide a safe and secure transit system for our customers and the community, and we will be mindful of the need for the public's trust and confidence.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide well trained, professional members of the Police Department who are empowered as a team to protect the customer, the community, and the public transit system.

Our Priorities

Every day, we do our part at the MARTA Police Department to protect a transit system that:

  1. Consistently provides excellent customer service
  2. Delivers the capital program with speed and efficiency
  3. Strengthens the MARTA brand
  4. Demonstrates fiscal responsibility

Our Principles

  1. Always value customers and employees and treat them with dignity and respect.
  2. Solicit and respond to ideas from customers and members of the Police Department through free-flowing, constructive communications.
  3. Encourage personal growth through a realizations that a law enforcement career can be physically and mentally difficult for employees and their familiea
  4. Our approach to law enforcement will always demonstrate our integrity, honesty, and compassion for the needs of the community. 

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